The following photos are courtesy of Danny Cronin at kre8photographic

Photos taken by cast…

Our 2021 family pantomime after COVID lockdown and at our new home, saw three performances across the 17th and 18th of December 2021. A take on Sleeping Beauty, ”The Beauty Sleeping” by Peter Nuttall followed the exploits of King Jeff, who really loves money, his long suffering wife Queen Britney and their desire for an heir to their throne. Cue the good witch Betty, with some help from the strange royal servant Plop the goblin. Betty finds our lovely Dame, Mother Droopy, to first give her twin boys, Fiddle and Tinkle, before helping the royal family to have the most beautiful baby girl, Princess Beauty. However, lurking in her own castle with her magical Cat, is the bad witch Hogben and, after she is snubbed by the royal family, she decides to curse the new Princess to fall asleep forever on her 16th birthday when pricked in the finger. Betty enlists the help of Plop, Fiddle and Tinkle to defeat Hogben and save the Princess. Much laughter, games, singing, dancing and sweets ensued throughout the three performances and all the audiences had a great time… especially learning all about ”foot jumpers”!

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