First Summer show since COVID!

Photos by Abbie’s Photography by Abbie Dodd

Old Boilers by Nathan Cale and directed by Hayley Price was a riotous comedy presented in July 2022 by Bispham CastAways. Set in a Blackpool guest house, it follows the exploits of four women of a certain age who decide to go away to try to celebrate that one of them had their final divorce papers come through. Ginnie isn’t sure she wants to celebrate as things are still up in the air with her Michael. Cora has everything organised with her mini-break itinerary. Ann just wants to drink and isn’t impressed with how cold the bed and breakfast is. Karen is still smarting from the husband who walked out on her and took all her money. They turn up at Miss Bobby’s guest house in Blackpool for a party that Miss Bobby has booked as a hen party… she’s expecting twenty-somethings no the older ladies that turn up. The guest house boiler is broken and Anya the maid is told to squirt everything with Pledge and Febreeze… well there’s no point putting the machine on to clean sheets when Mr Danvers had a bath on Tuesday! The problems all begin when Miss Bobby’s regulars, Mr Watts a fruit machine salesman and his apprentice, the dim-witted Josh, see the guestbook. Mr Watts realises that two of the girls are his ex-wives and he didn’t exactly divorce the first one before marrying the second. Josh doesn’t quite understand what’s going on but he really likes Anya. Anya doesn’t follow anything but knows that she was a trained nurse in Latvia and she’s studying to make her English gooder so she can join the Nationally Healthy Service. Little Freddie the plumber comes to service the boiler… not the girls, no matter how much they’d like him to! Everything erupts when Ann discovers Mr Watts, her husband, is there, followed by Karen finding out she’s married to the same man. Turns out Mr Watts’ is also Freddie’s son-in-law… he’s been busy and he likes weddings!

There was laughter, cheers, clapping and singing along during the finale drunk karaoke scene. The audiences were very appreciative and everyone had a great time! Now it’s on to the next one.

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