On the 24th and 15th of July 2023, Bispham CastAways took to the stage with their annual interactive murder mystery by Belladonna Mysteries, “Camp Cutthroat”. The evening was filled with gruesome deaths, laughs, gasps and secrets galore! The audiences were transfixed and, for the first time, the murderer was not caught one night at all. With twists and turns as Turtington’s Troche’s staff arrived for a survival team building weekend at Mount Manoeuvres on an uninhabited island, the motley collection of characters created a very intriguing evening. There was the warring couple of Captain Curtis and Chrissy Cliff that ran the team building company, the larger than life, philandering, Theodore “Teddy” Turtington The Third, his “bit on the side”, ex-porn star Piper Patterdale, his brat of a daughter Talia Turtington and her secret girlfriend Dr Kennedy Kimiko, the head research scientist with a burgeoning conscience, Dr Suzy Sonder, the company nosey parker, Lucy Lofthouse, the head financial officer with a huge secret, Gillian Goldson, and finally the surprise arrival of the hard hitting reporter, Riley Rapporto. No wonder there were so many valid suspects with those characters on the island! With a brilliant hotpot supper provided by The Carousel Diner, bring your own drinks and a script full of laughs, everyone had a great evening.


NODA Review

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