This form can be used to review any Bispham CastAways performance at Holy Family Church Hall, Bispham CastAways in general, or your experience of attending or being a member of Bispham CastAways. It can be made totally anonymous, by not leaving any name or email address. You can just give a star rating out of 5⭐️’s, give a single line review title, or write a detailed review, it’s totally up to you! All we ask is that you tell us what you are reviewing using the drop-down options and agree to us using your review online and in promotional materials. However, even if you leave your full name, we will only ever print a first or last name relating to your review. If you wish to be contacted about your review, please give an email address, however, we cannot guarantee a response. Thank you for your time in reviewing Bispham CastAways!

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